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and there is six more before it was over. and as i said, the fans were in it from the beginning and they were up and down. with every play, and as once a's got up on top, you can see knit their eyes. fans knew when this could be done. and die hards began to believe their team wasn't going to be just a wild card but the winner on the west. >> this is -- we've been here all along. these people haven't. we have! we're season ticket holders! yeah! >> this is awesome. i've been waiting for a's to get back and we're going to do it this year. >> do you think they would do? >> no. >> do i think they're going to be in the world series?
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yes. >> awesome. there is a knockout smashing homer in the bottom of the 8th toj lock it up. 9-5. >> and it's ended up to be 12-5, three more runs there after that. that gentleman spoke owe-to-us and fans are pouring out here. this game just ended within about seven or eight minutes ago. you've got folks out there with sweeps and now, they're winners of the west. and we're not certain what will happen next though this is 162 game of the season. a lot still up in the air in terms of the opponent. and could be baltimore, could be -- doesn't matter. live in the oakland coliseum, abc 7 news. >> there is now fans don't care what they're going to face next so they're going berserk. >> right. >> and in just two hours, president barack obama and
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mitt romney will square off face-to-face for the first time in this presidential campaign. >> you're looking at pictures in denver, let's check in now with mark matthews. >> there is a lot of anticipation tonight and interested in the debate. more people expected to tune in than for either of the national political conventions. the last time the president and mitt romney met was during 2008, tonight they meet again. it's a critical moment with this race still very close. >> mitt romney has to show up and be competent and connect with the audience. the president is all about his mannerisms and style at this point. >> the candidates go through their last minute debate prep, a speech he gave in 2007 has resurfaced. the daily caller web site
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posted the video last night and there is when the president addressed a crowd contrasting how families in new orleans were being treated by the government after hurricane katrina. compared to new york city residents after september 11th. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your money? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me somehow the people down in new orleans don't care about as much. >> the obama campaign was quick to fire back this morning. fox news reported on it five years ago. it's a silly and desperate attempt by republicans to try to get us away from talking about real issues. >> the debate will focus on domestic issues and the economy will be front and center, 50 people people are expected to watch.
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>> and you can watch the debate right here tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. there is warm weather still with us. >> now, the accuweather update. >> the cool down has begun. there is some upper 80s and low 90s it's still 61 m n.half moon bay. there is fog return together coast flowing forcefully throughout the golden gate and temperatures have dropped sharply. san francisco has a temperature right now of 24 degrees lower than the reading at this hour yesterday. it's 13 degrees cooler now in redwood city than yesterday. 19 degrees cooler in oakland. and just single digits cooler inland east bay locations z there is a look at the forecast. temperatures ranging from mid-50s upper 70s tomorrow morning fog lingering at the
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coast. 50-5 degrees, mild into afternoons but not very warm with highs ranging tomorrow from about 60s on the coast to upper 70s to maybe about 80 into warmest locations. further cooling coming our way later,. >> thank you. >> and rangers hit allen rock park tell us the area will be open tomorrow. the park has been closed yesterday and today this is because of extreme fire danger and will open tomorrow on a restricted basis. >> and there is a warning about extreme fire conditions. cal fire says fall is when california has largest and most-damaging wildfires in these dry conditions this there is a potential for disaster, it's been a busy season for firefighters and cal fire says it's responded to 5300 fires this year, about 1300 more than last year, 20% more than average. >> there is berkeley investigators waiting for a go
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ahead to investigate a duplex that broke out to the rear of a building after midnight. and this is the towering flames police officers ignored when it had to race inside to rescue a woman. >> this is heat and smoke just above their heads. >> and in my mind, they're heroes. >> crews kept flames from spreading from nearby homes which are very close together. >> just in to the newsroom there is a judge declaring a mistrial in the federal cocaine fraud trial of deborah madden. the jury unable to reach a verdict. jurors say the agreement took cocaine from the lab in 2009 but disagree on whether prosecutors proved she did it by means of deception. >> there is a 10-year-old san
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jose girl getting help in her efforts to get her stolen puppy back. thieves took the dog, nico during a home burglary on monday. she has a message for the person who stole the dog. >> please take care of him. and please try to return him to me it would mean the world to me. >> she is offering contents of her piggy bank as a reward. the city councilman and firefighters are helping out together putting up $6,000 for nico's safe return. >> and there is the oakland police department using an anonymous tipping system enables a user to send information without using their names. and officers hope it will tell people about suspects. >> now a drill happening in the bay area part of fleet week.
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>> happening now, pleet week has landed and steamed into the bay area. the i military showed off ability to respond a natural disaster or terrorist attack with mobile units, civil health professionals from san francisco came to moffett field for a chance to check out what the military can do. it's a part of fleet week. and treated and released thees landed along the shores of lake mers dwrod pick up passengers. the choppers all about kaefring heavy loads of personnel or gear. that is a story for this navy craft landing on ocean beach, carrying heavy equipment that could help san francisco recover after an earthquake or tsunami.
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and at moffett field abc 7 news. >> there is an aviation hero touched down after his ride along today. captain sullen burger was a guest of honor and in 2009, you'll recall he safely landed a u.s. airways jet at the hudson river. the event has been named miracle on the hudson. >> there is teams racing now in san francisco bay and these are the live pictures. there are 11 teams take part in races and this competition runs through sunday. best viewing at marina green. it's fan taft wrik to watch boats go by. >> they go fast. >> still ahead at 4:00 millionaires putting in for unemployment benefits? and there is a popular department store comes stateside. a mirror letting you try on a
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variety of clothes at the same time. >> and michael finney is taking your questions won twitter and facebook ask will answer them here just a little bit later. you can contact michael on
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following breaking news in texas right now. firefighters battling a blaze in an exxon plant there. >> and this is in bay town texas not immediately known what sparked this blaze. this is something that appears as though they're getting things under control there. have you fires and perhaps
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flares as well. >> san pran union square will hit a frenzy friday morning with a grand opening of the newest clothing store. it's a japanese retailer known for offing clothes in a dizzying array of colors what makes this stand out is the so called magic mirror. check this out. let's customers try on a jacket then change color to see which they like best. >> instead of going through the whole color range, you try on 25 different jackets to see which suits you, with the magic mirror you start with one color, you can find the one that works for you. >> the store is the foirs get this new technology by the way the store is giving away down jackets to first 500 customers friday morning. hundreds showed up for a similar promotion in new jersey. >> very cool. >> there are residents have a new place to do one stop
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shopping. there is a smaller version of the super store but offers pretty much the same stuff. this store provides jobs for 90 people and walmart opened the first market 14 years ago. >> is apple about to unveil a new mini ipad. >> and sobering predictions coming from hewlett-packard. >> hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman delivering the forecast about the computer giant. speaking in a meeting for analysts saying the recent financial performance has not been good. and that next year will be a year of fixing and hp has been challenged by slumping pc
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sales. >> my believe is that fingel biggest challenge has been changes in ceos and executive leadership causing multiple inconsistent strategic choices and significant executional miscues. this is important because as a result, it's going to take longer to right this ship then any of us would like. >> the comments sent investors running. shares of hp falling nearly 13% to the lowest level in nine years. the wireless market has been a hot bed for patent law su.s now a group is trying to cut down on the litigation. hp, and seven other companies joined in this so called patent pool. this will combine patents so companies don't have to negotiate ip rights.
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and via says it hopes companies like apple will join in. and agreeing to combine t-mobile with metro pcs. this would have more than 42 million subscribers far behind rivals at and t and sprint. and with under the deal will own 74% of the company while metro pcs shareholders will receive $1.5 billion in cash. and applied materials says it plans to cut00 to 1300 jobs and there is a move expected to save about $140 million a year. the cuts come as applied materials customers struggle with growing demands z stocks
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finished up slightly higher. the broadest intex you're bloomberg silicon valley index ended up higher significantly so there. there is apple and google helping pull that up. there is apple asian suppliers started mass production on a smaller ipad. the "wall street journal" says lg display and auoptronics are making screens for the new device. there is a lower resolution, reports say apple could unveil the device, we're looking forward to it later this month. and if you think unemployment benefits are just for those trying to make ends meet, listen to this, during the height of the resession, 2840
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millionaires received unemployment insurance benefits. and and the unemployed millionaires collected about $11,000 for 37 week of benefits, so far congress has not been able on a plan to stop that benefit costing the u.s. $20 million over next decade. >> that is remarkable it is. >> there is quite a shift in weather today. >> fog is back at the coast and is pushing across the bay. there is a south ward, looks like a bowl of whipped cream there. it's cooling affect being felt already there. is a look and you can see this is over the bay. looping this for to you show what you that surge looked like. and and again, cooling affect
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significant already. and now it's 25 degrees cooler in san francisco than at this hour and there is 19 degrees cooler ye.d on the coast, half moon bay 16 degrees cooler, all locations are cooling down rather sharply. so there is temperatures tumbling tomorrow from a pattern that continues about five days or more. starting forecast at 7:00 tonight, fog continues it's surge pushing inland rather far inland newscast and we'll see inland valleys cooling down. overnight lows into 50s across the bay area there is no more 60s tonight. there is a forecast again at 7:00 tomorrow evening this is the bigger picture taking a
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look at the low that will be moving closer to us. there is a cooler pattern and over the weekend into monday, there is a chance of showers from this system in the way area on monday. so we've got a cool down coming and a slight chance of precipitation. fall has arrived. high temperatures, mild and not very warm. only into upper 70s. there is 72 redwood city. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast there is low to mid-70s in the east bay looking for highs 69 in oakland there is 72 castro valley. there is the accu-weather forecast cooling continues and there is highs inland into low
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to mid-70s and upper 70s to 70s ash around the bay. there is where you can be the big winner. our friends are eligible. go to our facebook page and click the win $49,000 button that will take to you this page. you can then fill out forms and we'll announce a winner october 18th here on abc 7. >> terrific. >> and coming up nismt... >> bond, james bond. >> celebrating decades of james bond. there is a look back at the franchise. >> who makes more money? britney spears? or oprah? coming up... we'll tell you who is
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and happy anniversary for james bond. shaken, not stirred. 50 years ago today the first bond film was released. >> dr. no began one of the successful movie chan chizs, ever, soon the 23 bond film will open world wide.
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this is starring daniel craig. we have to give credit to the bond girls. and there is 52 bond girls so far. and more on the way. >> larry beil always hard at work. >> there is research that has to be done. >> and there is miss america reenters the spotlight. >> and there is a surprise on the red carpet host rachel smith. >> dancing with the stars is without yet another all star today, joey pet yon was eliminated last night. and this is leaving with a farewell dance. >> for me, the motto is have fun with it. it's like a competition. not the end of the world. this is not my profession.
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>> you should check out the show my family recipe rocks. dancing with the stars co-host brook burke chavay will be co-hosting a live together the 2013 miss america airs here on abc. now to oprah winfrey who is hollywood's highest paid woman. the talk show host earned about $165 million. that is between may 2011 and may, 2012. and britney spears follows behind. then there is tailor swift. for more celebrity news check out otrc com still to come fighting bullies with videos. what the city is doing to help
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end bullying in school autos a news anchor and what happened to her and how the community is standing by her side. >> there are more problems for american airline what's managers are saying about the
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>> bullying has become one of the most-serious issues facing
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our children and teens. >> now, they're being encouraged to produce a 620 second video an antibullying message. >> now, with the details for us. >> the contest is called bye bye, bullying. middle and high school students asked to come up with creative ways to convey their antibullying message. those who don't own a camera will be trained by the bay area video coalition. >> teens have been taking this message to heart. some producing quality videos like this one in texas. >> the district attorney is encouraging san francisco middle and high school students fro dus antibullying videos.
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this is suffering out there. we have kids that commit suicide. >> when i hear people talking about this saying that is so gay. >> alley is a student at wallenberg high school. and heads the gay straight alliance at this school and knows what it he like to be harassed. >> in middle school and elementary school teared -- teased because of may peer yenss. >> videos produced by teens encourage positive responses to bullying. saying 36% of the kids miss, or stop going, to school. he says his office encourage pemz to speak up and report the cases. >> this is a goal here to work with the victim, and families. >> the deadline to enter this contest is november 7th. and this winner recognized december hadth.
4:32 pm
>> there will be prizes including an ipad. there is a link to the contest that is posted on our web site. >> larry. >> and for more information on battling bullying please join us for beyond headlines and there is a half hour show on how to help kids who have been bullied. >> students received an important lesson on physical activity before school got underway. this is part of international walk to school today. and some walked and it's meant to promote traffic safety. it does more than that. >> walking to school, walking home from school, you just have to talk to your kids. it's a different feeling then when you drive. >> and this is not just a one day event. 15 schools participate in the program which encourages
4:33 pm
children to walk to school every wednesday. >> there is a cell phone app helping police get two armed robbery suspects off the streets. and they're accused of holding up a man and talking his -- taking his cell phone and wallet. police used a mobile tracking application. and this led officers to a minivan where they say they found butter brown and stolen items inside. >> there is police releasing this sketch of a murder suspect. police say it was one of a group of men who beat, then shot to death a 24-year-old in june in the mission district. he's described as a hispanic male between five six and five nine with hair pulled back in a bun and he was wearing a blue golden state warriors jacket. >> there is a memorial for
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ambassador christopher steven who's died after an attack on the u.s. embassy in bengazy. the public is invited to attend. >> and more problems for american airlines this time, a flight forced to turn after the landing gear jammed. abc news has latest trouble for american. >> there is flight 1862 is apparently forced to turn around after the land landing gear appears to jam. >> there is a gear on site. >> passengers told to brace. >> they assumed position and it was scary. >> some are skeptical because of the labor disputes with union worker autos some people are cheering and there are the rest of us thinking was this
4:35 pm
yeel reel? >> this emergency came on the same day the carrier granted 47 of the 7 a7s nearly half of the fleet to remove and inspect rows of cease after three incidents of seats coming loose and flipping over mid flight. >> there is the airline insists these are the result of an error with the clamps that hold them to the floor. >> there is somehow we introduced a failure, we're not sure if it's human failure. >> american ceo acknowledged quote it's been a challenging couple of weeks but said that the airline and the pilot union would resume negotiations as early as today. >> the president of fast food chain chick-fil-a is speaking out for the first time since controversial comments about gay marriage.
4:36 pm
he said he believed in the bib bli cal definition and he says he respects anyone who disagrees and now says the company has been clear about support for traditional family autos families very important to our country and to all of us. and they're concerned about being able to hang on who-to-what we v we support families and have been a part that have. >> the opening of a chick-fil-a has been pushed back so, too, has planned protests of the restaurant. >> just head new warnings about the dangers of tanning beds. >> and fighting common cold. a study that says a popular remedy may not work. >> and today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. still making -- taking your questions so you can contact me right now. and there is on twitter on m
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finney. >> looking westward, fog is here and so is the cooler weather. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and there is a look at traffic now through hazy skies we can see it's very slow going for drivers trying to make their way to the east bay now. a jam up there. just a little bit better for those driving south. abc 7
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checking healthy living news a review of the $20 billion supplement industry shows you might not be getting what you paid for. inspectors found problems with one out of every five weight loss or vitamin supplements. and found dozens were illegally labeled and that report does not name brands and when it comes to benefits of vitamin d research finds taking large dose s does not help ward off the common cold. a study released today shows people taking extra vitamin d are just as likely to get colds as those who don't take them. indoor tanning to blame for 170,000 cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer every year and found people who use tanning beds are 67% more likely to develop a serious form of skin
4:41 pm
cancer. this risk is highest for those who use it before age 25. >> and fewer women giving birth the u.s. experts say weak economy has a lot to do with the latest drop in annual birth rate but there may be a silver lining here. decline in 2011 just 1% and this is 2% to 3% in recent years. number of babies born to teens and hispanic women also hit record lows and now, spencer christian with the accu-weather forecast. >> there is tomorrow, high temperatures into 80s in chico and sacramento. 91 in fresno. there is a mainly sunny skies and fog lingering at the coast. mild, warm, highs from upper 50s to low 60s on the coast.
4:42 pm
73 in oakland there is here is the day planner there is activity on the san francisco water front fleet week activity and america's cup activities there is 1:00 blue angels will be doing practice. and people starts gathering for america's cup races which began after 5:00 p.m. there is partly cloudy skies and there is chilly and temperatures dropping into there is decent weather coming up. >> just ahead, a news anchor takes the stand. >> the and what happened that made this anchor become a story. >> the first to battle the sexes at the dry cleaners. coming up i'll answer your questions including one about
4:43 pm
how much a dry cleaner can charge you. >> and there is police with answers for the family of a recent officer-involved shooting and the way president ob yaum would have
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irks tv news anchor is being applauded to her response for criticism about her weight. she's a morning anchor in wisconsin. and she spends her career reporting news and now, she's making it for her response to an e mail from a man who criticized her weight. livingston, who has a thyroid condition making it tough to lose weight responded on the air. >> surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for young people, girls in particular. obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain. the truth is that i am overweight. you can call me fat. yes, yeechb obese on a doctor's chart but to the person who wrote me that letter... do you think i don't know that? that your cruel words are pointing out something i don't
4:47 pm
see? you don't know me. you are not a friend of mine. you are not a part of my family. you have admitted you don't watch this show, you know nothing about me but what you see on the outside. and i am much more than a number on a scale. >> livingston entered -- ended with a message to the kids telling them not to let the cruel words of one person overshadow shouts of many. >> and michael finney here now to answer questions you sent to him. and there is a one what is the difference in information received from annual credit versus a report from a company like equifax. >> credit is a web site set up with a three major credit reporting agencies will give you your report if you ask for it. now... if you pay one of the reporting agencies that is a
4:48 pm
why you pay more. and the report will be the same. >> and this is unusual. david se mails a friend friend is willing to finance my mortgage. can i write off the interest like i would with a bank held mortgage? >> can i have the number of the friend? >> can you write it off but... have you to make sure there is correct paper work. just like with mortgage, that lone has to be tie that had piece of property they have to lee declaire it, you have to have the paper once, yeah, you can take it off. make sure you get paper work right they're going to be asking. >> and there is one from susan. dot cleaners have to treat womens and men's shirts the same price wise? >> if shirts are the same. and this is kind of complex.
4:49 pm
half people get mad at me when i explain the law n 1995 now, congress woman jackie speier pass aid law saying you can no longer do gender discrimination on services in the state of california so it takes an thundershower give a hair cut to a man and to a woman, they have to be charged the same. it's true with dry cleaning too. and this is assuming the shirt is the same. the woman's can be smaller if it has puffy sleeves or buttons then it's not a item. if it's cotton with normal buttons the price has to be the same. you hold them to thachl you can't bring in a silk shirt expecting it to be same. >> and. >> people don't know it but these are cleaned in a
4:50 pm
factory. so the buttons have been engineered to take that beating. they have to be of a certain size, they have special and if it's the same service we get nailed with this. >> and and thank you, michael. >> sure. >> still to come big changes for a bay area theater, new home and controversial new place open next week. >> oh, my. they're coming up. it's sounding alien but it's from here on earth. what makes those unusual sounds. >> there is a look at what is ahead on world news with 5:30. >> there is a big night. the president and governor romney face-to-face for their
4:51 pm
first debate so much pressure and our political team. will be here on world news to tell what you to be watching for. >> also, peanut butter recall, there is a patient coming forward on world news so you'll know if it's flu or something different and that is after abc 7 news at 5:00. >> tonight you can catch abc news special coverage of the debate starting at 6:00 tonight and afterwards catch the middle at 8:00, the neighbors then jep ti di. and stick around for katie at 10:00 and breaking news as it happens all the time on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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run for your lives. no.
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you're list yeng of the sounds of the earth. etc. an electromagnetic phenomenon. the space agent sent two probes into fleiss learn more. this is a sound that is out of this world. >> a theater company is celebrating its 10th anniversary. >> san francisco play house moving to a bigger theater opening with a controversial musical next week. >> there is a preview. >> rehearsal of andrew jackson. remembering the 7th president z performing as construction goes on. >> there is a space with 200 seats, double what they had for the first 10 years on sutter spreet street. >> we started standing in
4:56 pm
union square he would stand there every day, and some subscribers are still here from those days. >> there is a special connection to the awed yeens we make traditional theater edgey. >> and we look for play that's drag it into an emp pathic kegs. >> there is kind of bursing the at the seams and now, the san francisco play house. >> there is a move here with great anticipation. there is a tip there is van yila waver cookies. and there is a edge here.
4:57 pm
>> this is a time to say we're not a secret anymore. >> they're getting trod compete again in this year's half moon bay festival. >> this family made growing pumpkins a family tradition. you can see they dress a bunny up in a pumpkin su. they know they won't have a biggest pumpkin but they are okay with that. >> this is fun because we know that most of the pumpkins that are the biggest are a thousand pounds and that would be big. >> we hope to have a pumpkin so big they'll need a fork
4:58 pm
lift to get it home. >> thanks for joining us. >> and abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right thousand. >> there is there live next to the celebration at the coliseum. >> and there are a natural ac back in business and temperatures have fallen, i'll show you how much cooler goitsing to get as i approach the weekend. >> and it's breaking news,
4:59 pm
bedlam in oakland. a's sweeping rangers to win american league west championship and this is a very exciting moment. >> what a season for a team supposed to be rebuilding this year. there is where a crowd took it all in. mike? >> and there is a little -- there he is. go ahead, mike. well, we can't hear mike, we can see him. and stand by. and let's go to what we have on tape. >> and there is just a really... >> there are so many guys here this year, it's a selfless attitude no. one cares about their numbers but all they ca

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